Self-Pour How To

At Barn Door Public House, our self-pour taps allow you to try a variety of different beverages and enjoy only as much as you want. That's right. You can pour your own drink! And you only pay for the amount you have poured. With 26 options, you're sure to find a favorite.

I'm Ready to Become a Self-Pour Pro

Each tap has a screen that will list the price per ounce, and additional information, for the beverage you are about to dispense. Once you've made your choice, follow the steps below:


Place your card into the card reader below the screen/tap of the beverage you would like.


Angle your glass to 45 degrees. This helps to prevent unwanted foam.


Pull down and open the tap the entire way.


Push to close the tap completely at your desired amount.


Take your card from the card reader.

You're now a self-pour pro. Enjoy!

Please remember to drink responsibly.